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What are the licensing terms of Find-Duplicates.NET?

The application is completely free for both commercial and non-commercial use. The program was developed for my personal use and is supported by advertising on this web site.

What is the .NET framework, and where can I get it?

What is the .NET framework, and where can I get it?", "The .NET framework is a platform for building applications. It is preinstalled on Windows Vista, but previous versions of Windows require installation. Installing .NET is very simple, however since it's over 20M in size, it takes several minutes over dialup. It should be very quick for cable and DSL users. The .NET framework is available from Microsoft either via Windows Update, or as a standalone download. It must be installed for Find Duplicates.NET to function.

Why are there two groups of files with the same size?

Groups represent files whose contents are identical. Many different files of the same size have different content. Files are grouped and sorted by size in the result tree because it's a common attribute that they share, and it's useful to find groups of large duplicated files.

How do I install / uninstall...?

The application is a single file. Once you unzip it, you can place it anywhere. To "uninstall", just delete the file.

What's the number in the URL when I visit the web site from the program menu item? Is that a tracking number?

The number is just used to track the version of the program you're using, in case issues specific to your version come up. It's also interesting for me to see what version numbers are in use.

Is there any personal tracking information or spyware in the program?


Usage tip: You may wish to stay away from folders such as C:\WINDOWS and other system folders. Find-duplicates.NET will skip locked files appropriately, however it is generally a bad idea to alter or remove system files--even duplicates.